Raise Better Humans:

A Masterclass for Time-Pressed Parents Who Want to Create a Better World

You do everything you can to give your child a great life, but you feel stuck when it comes to the racism, sexism, and misinformation around us. It's a scary world in which to raise good children. In partnership with leading experts and the hosts of the podcast and book Dear White Women, we're going on a 6 week journey to help you learn how to raise anti-biased children, the kinds of children who will make this world a better place. 

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Why you should take this course 

You're a busy parent and you always try to make the right decisions for your child(ren), whether it's what they eat, where they go to school, and how much screentime they get. 

But when it comes to teaching your kids about what you see on the news, whether it's racism, sexism, trans-phobia, anti-semitism, or ableism, you may feel like you're at a loss for words. 

So you promise yourself you're going to look up how to make the latest news story into an age-appropriate lesson, but you get caught up with work, or school projects, or signing up for camp, and it doesn't happen. Then you feel guilty. 

Life happens. The stuff we can control and the stuff we can't. One thing you can control is investing 2 hours of your week to becoming the best parent you can -- for your child, for someone else's child, and for the world.  

A week by week guide to dismantling bias

Week 1: Introduction to the course by the authors of the book Dear White Women, Misasha Suzuki Graham and Sara Blanchard. Misasha and Sara will discuss the importance of building a diverse community, and how to do that in a way that doesn't tokenize people. 

Week 2: Raising kids who can talk about politics and the role of technology in spreading misinformation, information, and how we access all of it.

Week 3: Coming off of Thanksgiving, we'll discuss Indigenous history, the real story of Thanksgiving, and Indigenous visibility.

Week 4: Talking to your kids about Asian hate, anti-semitism, and anti-Muslim sentiments.

Week 5: Talking about sexuality, gender identity, and everything LGBTQIA+.

Week 6: Discussing ableism with your child(ren), and how to make your world more accessible. 

Your masterclass for time-pressed parents includes:

  • 6 weeks of online, asynchronous instruction
  • Bundle of books to help you continue your learning journey, including Dear White Women
  • Live office hours on Wednesdays at 12pm PT to connect directly with Sarah Lacy, Adimika Arthur, and our experts
  • Active learning, not passive watching
  • Support, accountability, and a network of other parents going through the same challenges as you 
  • Frameworks, lessons, examples, and tactics to help you talk to your kids about hard things 
  • Free annual membership to the ChairmanMe community

Raise Better Humans

$95 / month

for 10 months

Course starts November 15, 2021

  • 2-3 hours per week
  • Mobile app makes content easy to listen to or watch on-the-go (parent friendly!)
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Go from passive participant to active leader in your home 

Move from feeling paralyzed with uncertainty and overwhelmed with the enormity of raising a good kid to feeling like you are the leader your kid deserves. The empowered, knowledgeable leader that you deserve to be. 

We are not here to shame you about doing the "work." We're not here to blame you for not knowing the lingo. We created this course to give you a framework to have the hard conversations with your kids, and to raise them to be the good, impactful humans they have the potential to be.  

Meet the experts leading our survey course

Adimika Arthur is an epidemiologist, runs a nonprofit focusing on innovations in vulnerable populations, and enjoys helping people better understand health and healthcare through storytelling, connection, and culture. She is an evangelist refining the definition of sisterhood to be expansive and inclusive for impact and societal gain.

A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Law School, Misasha Suzuki Graham has been a practicing litigator for over 15 years, and is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal profession as well as in her communities. She is a facilitator, writer, and speaker regarding issues of racial justice and children, and co-host of Dear White Women, a social justice podcast. Misasha, who is half-White and half-Japanese, is married to a Black man, and is the proud mom of two very active multiracial young boys. They live in the Bay Area of California with their largely indifferent cat.

Sara Blanchard helps build community and connection through conscious conversations, which she does as a facilitator, TEDx speaker, writer, and consultant. After graduating from Harvard and working at Goldman Sachs, Sara pursued the science and techniques of well-being and is a certified life coach, author of Flex Mom, and co-host of Dear White Women, a social justice podcast. Sara is half-White and half-Japanese, married to a White Canadian man, and is raising their two White-presenting girls to be compassionate, thoughtful advocates. They live in Denver, Colorado, with their incredibly lovable dog.


"The instructors brought so much passion and empathy into creating this. The content was really one of a kind. I felt like I couldn't find that diversity of content in one place, not in any books, or any podcast. It was just a great lens to to immerse myself into. It could be done asynchronously, which was important as a busy mom."

-3x course alum

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"The unexpected gift of the course was the instant community."

4x course alumn

"Chairman Mom courses are life-changing and so transformative."

Sian B

"Amazing and worth 10x more than the cost! It totally kicked my ass and gave me an actionable, strategic structure" 

Michele P

"The community is equivalent to the group text that you hit up when you need a boost.”

Chairman Mom Member

"The conversation of race will never be comfortable until we make it comfortable by having the hard conversations. We are recreating the narratives to make a better future not just for ourselves but for our children."

-Shanicia Boswell, Author and Founder of Black Moms Blog on Sara Blanchard and Misasha Suzuki Graham's Dear White Women

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What's ChairmanMe?

ChairmanMe is an inclusive online learning community, open to anyone, but centered on the experience of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA people. We seek to empower members of our community to improve their lives both personally and professionally. Collectively, we seek to break down systemic barriers. 

Founded by Sarah Lacy, a mother of two, serial entrepreneur, and former investigative journalist.