Rage Rehab: From Nope to Hope in 4 Weeks 

The last year+ has been HARD. Let’s recover together, and go from rage-filled to resilient. A one-time-only course taught by the legendary Catherine Connors.


Rage Rehab kicks off in: 









Why you should take this course 

The world is opening up and we can finally get out of the house, so why do you still feel so anxious? Frustrated? Angry? Hopeless? 

You need to develop a new relationship with your emotions, so you can feel them but not feel overwhelmed and in constant survival mode. 

We survived. Now it's time to thrive.

Not sure this is for you? Let's talk! [email protected]

You and your rightfully pissed-off soul need a place to go. 

Come to rage rehab, a space where your rage is seen and honored. Together, we’ll recognize it, express it, and channel it.

You can't go back to before.

But we can move forward together.

  • 4 weeks of online, asynchronous instruction
  • Live office hours to connect directly with Catherine Connors, Thursdays at 9 am PT
  • Join office hours and listen to lessons from anywhere -- beach chair, in the car, on a walk, etc.
  • Support, accountability, and a network of phenomenal women
  • Guest speakers, concrete tactics, tools, and resources you can use for the rest of your life to manage stress and anger
  • Free annual membership to the Chairman Mom community

Rage Rehab: From Nope to Hope


Course starts July 11, 2021


Meet Catherine Connors

Mom of two, creator of the award-winning blog Her Bad Mother, former Disney executive, writer, and advocate.

Catherine helped Disney find more empowering and inclusive ways to tell stories about princesses and fairy tales. Her blog explored motherhood and understanding womanhood and what it means to be a feminist when you’re sometimes not entirely sure what that means.

Catherine advocates for letting go of the pressure to be "good" and start truly, radically, accepting ourselves. 

By the end of this course you'll have: 


What people are saying

It's not a course, it's a space for people to unite around learning personal and professional skills rooted in the knowledge that the future will be shaped by equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

"Catherine's coaching approach will help you connect with the courage and confidence you need. "

Jennifer G.

"The unexpected gift of the course was the instant community."

4x course alumn

"I was going to buy a really fancy purse but this course is a far better use of money. Chairman Mom is life-changing and so transformative."

Sian B

"Amazing and worth 10x more than the cost! It totally kicked my ass and gave me an actionable, strategic structure to marketing and launch." 

Michele P

"Wow, that was like years of therapy wrapped into one session."

Sisterhood alumn


What's Chairman Mom?

Chairman Mom is an inclusive online learning community that centers the experience of women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA people. We seek to empower members of our community to improve their lives both personally and professionally. Collectively, we seek to break down systemic barriers. 

Founded by Sarah Lacy, a mother of two, serial entrepreneur, and former investigative journalist.