Grow Your Startup ๐Ÿš€

Chairman Mom Advance is an online startup accelerator for a bro-free utopian world 


Starting a company is lonely, but you are not alone. 

Chairman Mom and Janice Fraser are partnering up to help you unlock your great idea, get your first customers, and secure VC money.

Chairman Mom Advance

An all-remote master class for founders who aren't rich, young, white dudes in hoodies. This 10-week curriculum has launched dozens of startups and helped secure millions in funding. 

Janice Fraser

Janice Fraser is an investor, speaker, and expert in emerging management practices to support innovation at scale. A Silicon Valley veteran, she’s built a storied career as a product manager, founder, facilitator, and confidant for entrepreneurs and enterprise executives alike. But her impact extends beyond the Valley with innovation and transformation projects at NASA, the Obama White House, Procter and Gamble, and many other companies in the Fortune 500. As an investor, she is particularly committed to championing and extending access to the brilliant entrepreneurs who are typically underrepresented in the world of venture-backed startups. 


Access to thousands of women in the Chairman mom community who can offer feedback, beta testing, and your first customers!

Proven Curriculum

Our 10-week curriculum has launched dozens of companies including Lyft and helped them get their first investors' checks. 

Expert Advice

Each founding team is paired with a  handpicked advisor who has relevant industry experience. In addition to amazing weekly guest speakers.


Private Slack channel with your cohort of a dozen other founders sharing the journey with you.

For Us, By Us

A program built for women, People of Color, or LGBTQA founders. Dismantle the mythology and tech-bro BS. 


Demo Days with top investors, media, strategic partners, and the Chairman Mom community. 

Alex West Steinman, Co-founder & CEO of The Coven shares her experience 

"We have a 2nd term sheet heading our way from a big-named firm and are about to have our seed round closed, and Advance was instrumental in starting us off right from the beginning of our journey. I've met other badass female founders that I talk to regularly because of Advance. Janice talked me down when I've been overwhelmed at this process. Her wisdom, advice, and friendship is invaluable."

- Sassie Duggleby, cofounder & CEO at Venus Aerospace


This is a highly competitive program, and we’ll only select ten teams. Your company must be 51% owned by an underrepresented group to apply. Sorry, but no solo founders. You must be committed to building this, not just kicking the tires.

We’re going to invest a lot of time in you and plug you into our networks, so we need to know you are in this for the long haul. ๐Ÿš€