Courses so good they'll make you shimmy 

Learn from the world's best leaders -- the good trouble makers and anti-racists, who would never be caught dead on an all-male panel or board.  

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Each ChairmanMe course is unique but they all share three things


A private community to connect directly with your course's peers and instructors. Additionally, when you join a course, you get a free year membership to the ChairmanMe community ($120 value). ChairmanMe offers free weekly events, an online community, a must-read newsletter, and an expert network so you always have someone in your corner.

Instructors Who Get It 

These are the world's greatest minds in business, activism, creativity, finance, and wellbeing but more than being experts these are people who see their expertise and leadership in a larger context. They will teach you to go one step beyond teaching what you need to know by helping you apply that knowledge to be a leader for tomorrow. 

Built For Busy Professionals 

Each week you'll get access to new content, videos, readings, and coursework that you can do on your own time. This asynchronous approach enables you to learn in your own time at your own pace. But if you want 1:1 support, every course offers live office hours and a community of peers. It's the best of both worlds!

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