A 5-month virtual course for women, by women.


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"It's world changing. It's not a course, it's like a months long dinner party with the most phenomenal group."

Cost: $600 investment in yourself.


Learn from the pioneers, trailblazers, and womxn who are getting in good trouble 


Transform the misogyny that leads us to disparage and sabotage ourselves and other womxn


Build a new community together by forging lasting solidarity with phenomenal womxn

Is it really worth it?

YES! Here's a sneak peek!

What you’ll get during your 5 months of the Sisterhood Project:

👉 Incredible guest speakers, weekly assignments, and live and recorded sessions

👉🏿 Membership to the tight-knit Sisterhood community

👉🏾 Private Slack community to discuss topics, get and give support, and dig deeper

👉🏽 A cohort of 8-10 womxn that will meet at least twice per month

👉🏼 Deep inner-work with a guided virtual workbook

👉🏻 Swag and a 6-month membership to the Chairman Mom community

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What are you struggling with now? It's nothing that 99 womxn can't help you solve.

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